Baby Panda Snuggler Wanted

Not joking.  If you think you have your career planned, you may want to rethink it, baby panda cuddling is a real job. At the  Giant Panda Protection and Research Center you would be paid a grand total of $32,000 per year to cuddle with baby giant pandas every hour you are awake.

to get this amazing job you have to be 22 and have previous work with pandas.  and have knowledge of the breed and be okay with handling feeding cuddling and dealing with these tiny black and white fluff balls.

the person who gets this full time job will work in china along with volunteers from other country’s who only get to work a week or two at a time.  this may sound like a job that you wouldn’t want to get up to in the morning, but, i feel like you would.

Science fair


Yesterday at science fair I placed second.  I was so excited when I walked into the gymnasium and saw the red second place ribbon pinned on my board.

This year my science fair project was an experiment called toxic plants, I was feeding them different kind of chemicals to see the effect on them. I fed my plants gas, motor oil, Windex, rubbing alcohol and dish soap.

I concluded that the gas died but surprisingly the motor oil did not actually die it only lost its variegation. The Windex worked the best it did not even die.  The rubbing alcohol I think would have had the same overall result as the gas except for a slower proses.

My Learning


Hi I am Mia and this term I am learning several things.  In math I am learning about fractions and decimals adding them and subtracting them. In language arts I am doing pretty well, I just finished reading the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.  It is one of my favourite books that I have ever read;, it is right up there with Harry Potter and Narnia.  In P.E we just finished volley ball and throw ball in throw ball my best skill is catching. Now we are starting floor hockey. In school I love art, I don’t like French too much but it was fun when we had to make a comic all in French.  I also like writing little stories like my one in the school wide write. This is pretty much where my learning is at.

By Mia. 


My Trip to Maui Part Three

Hi class,
These few days I’ve been really busy, and these are some of the
things I’ve done:
I learned how to surf. I can stand up all by myself on a
5.8ft board. It is called a fish . We surfed at Cove Park.
I went snorkelling, I saw lots of fish. I snorkelled at Ulua Beach and Black Rock.
I made so many friends,
The weather has been hot and sunny. It’s been
about 21-25 degrees each day. I will see all my friends Monday at school!

Maui trip continued

Yesterday…we spent the morning at Sugar Beach with friends from Port McNeil. The day was sunny and hot and there was very big waves. I swan in Sugar Beach Resirt Pool and HotTub. Then we came back and swam in our hot tub and pool. We then watched TV, to hide from the sun.
Today we went to the South end of Big Beach. I swam in the very big waves. They were so big the lifeguard announced” that it was very dangerous to be learning to boogie board in the beach break”. I got ” pounded” two times- that means Iwas crushed and smashed by the waves. I also saw a Giant Sea Turtle. He was swimming along the beach and popping his head up.he swam right by a snorkeller and the snorkeller didn’t even notice him.
When we were out in the ocean swimming I dove down with my mask and flippers and found a very big piece of coral, which I am bringing home.
Then we came back and swam in our pool. We swim for about 8 hours a day. And we are away for 15 days … That means I will have swam 120 hours. My favourite way to swim is flippers and mask in the ocean on waves and on a boggie board.
Towmorrow we are getting up early and going to Black Sand Beach to go snorkelling. I hope to see a turtle and lots of fish. I will tell you what kind of fish I see.

My Trip to Maui


The first day we where in transit all day from plane to bus to plane to car.  The next day we wheat and got all of our food and wheat to the beach in front of our rental place yesterday we went and picked up the rental car got some food and when’s to the beach. In those days we saw a praying mantis and a tiny gecko. (November 7, 2013)

We have went to a different beach everyday and boogie boarded. We spend about 8 hours a day playing in the surf.  Today we are going to see a waterfall and go surfing with our dad.  It has been really warm and sunny. Yesterday was our first day if a bit if rain (November 11, 2013)


Yesterday, we drove all the way to the North end of the island and we saw very big waves. Then we hiked to the twin falls. On the hike lots cool plants, flowers, baby bannanas and a bamboo forest.
After that we drove to the south end of the island and saw a lava field. It was black sharp lava rocks. Then we stopped at a bead stand and got beautiful Jobe Tear Bracelets. We continued to Black Sand Beach to snorkel but it was too windy to snorkel. We stopped and stayed and Kameole Beach 3 for a few hours. And then we went home to our place- called Kihei Bay Surf, and swam in the pool for hours.
Today we are going to Sugar Beach with friends from Port McNeil who came to Maui as well. It is supposed to be really hot today – over 25 degrees Celsius. The last few days has been stormy, windy and a bit rainy… But still really warm…

(November 12, 2013)


this post is about my fave foods and drinks and junk:)

food:                                                  junk food:                                               candy:                                                    drinks:

  1. nachos                        cream                                             1.skittles                                           chocalate                                      
  2. exc.exc.exc.                         2.cake                                                     2.caramel                                                   2.milkshakes
  3. hawiian piza                      3. cup cakes                                             3.aroe bar                                                3. smothes
  4. ext. ext.ext.                          4.exc.exc.exc.                                          4.all junk food                                        4.exc.exc.exc.

And those are just some of my favourite foods if I told you all of them I think this computer would explode:)